4 Things you should ask your Wedding Photographer before you pay your deposit

  1. What will you wear to our Wedding? Not runners. And definately Not 'Crocs and Socks'. Yes i have actually seen this! And I've heard so many horror stories from guests about terrible dress sense of Wedding Photographers. I can promise you i won’t wear 'Crocs and Socks' to your wedding. I don’t even own a pair. I will appropriate wedding attire that alines with your wedding. If the grooms are wearing suits, i will wear one too. If they are wearing resort wear, i will too. I will dress to the theme of your wedding.

  2. How will you deliver our images? Is it going to be on USB or Disc? Or will they actually give you the images? The photographer may keep the images and you will have to select the images you want from a proof sheet. (This is where they will email you small unusable images with their copyright logo on it). You then pick the images you want and they will charge you per image for your wedding album. This can be very expensive!

  3. How long will it take for you to finish editing our photos? Some take 5 weeks. Some take 3 months. We have a our 7 day image delivery promise! We also have our special VIP delivery. This is where we have 5 images ready for you and your guests at your reception. We give you access to our private dropbox and you can upload any of these 5 professionally edited images to social media while you are still at your Reception.

  4. Will I own the photos? Some photographers don’t let you own the photographs. Here at Barter Photography both us do. All as we ask if you are approached by a magazine to use your photos on their websites or in print in a magazine, that you let me know and i can negotitae some fees for both of us. Also if you are going to use any images on social media if you could give our business credit for taking them. Just a tag in Facebook post, or a simple one liner at the bottom saying that we took the photos for you.

I hope this helps with the selection of your Wedding Photographer.......

Don't let your Wedding Photographer spoil your day by wearing the wrong attire or footwear

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