Frequently Asked Questions

  1. how do you deliver our images? I will deliver your images through your Private VIP dropbox on my website (This is the safest and securest way to receive your images)

  2. How long do you take to finishing editing our images? We have our ‘7 Day image delivery promise’. For our wedding 'Ceremony Photo Package' we will deliver all of them in 2 days.

  3. Do you need a meal at our wedding? No I don't expect a meal. I’m not a guest at your wedding, i’m just a wedding vendor. I can sneak out the back and eat a sandwich while everyone is eating. It’s not a biggy, and it is best i answer this here as i don’t like to make my customers feel uncomfortable at the thought of having to ask. But if you insist i will take the cost of the meal off my bill.

  4. What will you do in the event of bad weather? I know of a few indoor areas we can shoot in the event of bad weather. We can also shoot at your hotel. Maybe there is a uncover area we can shoot. Beforehand i will go to the hotel where you are staying and see what suitable undercover areas we can use in the event of bad weather. It is supposed to be good luck if it rains on your wedding day!

  5. Do you offer a refund if we are not happy with the images? Yes i do. That’s my guarantee to you. I haven’t had an unhappy bride yet.

  6. How much advance notice do you need for us to book you? We have the elopement package and understand that you may get married at short notice. Usually i can shoot if you give me 6 hours notice. I will check my schedule and do my best to fit you in.

  7. How many images do you take? Each package has a minimum amount of photos i will take. Most of the time this is just an estimate and i will take more. Have a look at our packages and you can see the minimum amount.

  8. What experience do you have in Photography? I worked in the Sydney Fashion industry as a photographer for 7 years before my move to Queensland. I worked at many large Celebrity Parties and Red Carpet Events. I have also worked on fashion runways around the world, and photographed many A List Celebrities like Brad Pitt, Ben Stiller and Katy Perry. I believe moving across from Fashion Photography into Weddings has been a seamless transition due to the similarities in the style of photography.

  9. I see you are based in Port Douglas. Do you travel if we are getting married in a different state or overseas? Yes i do travel. Whether its Sydney, Melbourne or Bali, i will jump on plane and be there in no time at all. I love to travel and have visited 23 countries around the world. I guess I’ve got the travel bug. I'm convinced there are no remedies for this. Lol

  10. What ‘Style’ of wedding photographer are you? I have two styles that i naturally shoot in. I shoot in 'Journalistic' at the ceremony and reception. This style is also know as 'Reportage'. I will walk around without you knowing I’m there getting photos that are very spontaneous and natural. My style for the formal photos are 'Fashion' or 'Fine Art'. This is my fashion photographic background coming through. The photos i do are well thought out in advance and i will provide you a ‘Run Sheet’ of the photos we will take before your big day. From time to time (with your permission), i will submit some photos to the Bridal Magazines. I would negotiate a price with the magazine and give you 50% of the fee. If it’s other styles of photography you want i can accomodate any of your needs. Maybe you want 'Journalistic Style' for ALL of your wedding? Even for the formal photos…..i can do this as well. I have had one couple request this before. There is no posing or seriousness at this formal shoot. There is nothing ‘Formal’ about it. It’s just capture you guys having a good time and me snapping those candid moments. This will make it very real and natural.

  11. Do you own the images? Yes you do. All as i ask is that you not on-sell any photos without asking me first. I’m not saying you can’t sell them. Just include me so i can get the best price for you.

12. Do you have insurance? Yes i do. I have 20 million dollars public liability insurance.

13. I live in another state, so how do we organise everything? I will make contact with you through email, phone and for the more important phone calls we can use Skype Video call if needed.

14. I'm nervous about my wedding day shoot.

Although this is not a question, it is something that we should talk about. We don't want you being nervous on your wedding day so we have put in place a few things that will put your mind at ease. I will provide you with a 'Run Sheet' so you know actually what will happen. The Run Sheet will also give you tips on posing and facial expressions. I will also give everyone directions throughout the shoot. All of the lovely Ladies and Gents in my images didn't have any experience in front of the camera before their wedding day shoot and they came out with some memorable photos. If you choose to do the formal shoot in 'Reportage' style then you don't have to worry about posing and facial expressions. I will be there just to capture the moments with a little bit of direction thrown in.

Feel free to leave a question or a message in the 'Comments' box below....

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